Samsung Tab A incompatible?

I run Zwift on a purpose built mid level PC to run my Kickr. Have you spent any time looking at the compatibility list? A good portion are phones (ie cellular plane) and most of the supported tablets are from 2014-2016. I’m not going to spend $500+ on a supported Tab S6 when the Tab A is more powerful than my PC.

Also, I can’t take a “used gaming PC” to the gym. I want a tablet that I can use for the Running on Zwift.

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Like Will said, there are quite a few models of the Tab A. Most of them do not have very powerful chipsets in them, even relatively new ones. Of the 2019 models, only the 10.1inch Tab A is probably fast enough to run Zwift decently.

If you are interested in a tablet for Zwift, at least find out what chipset it uses, and search for some benchmarks of it, before buying. Check for Snapdragon 625 (the Tab A that IS supported by Zwift) level performance or above.
Ideally, aim for Snapdragon 660 level performance or higher. My Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 runs Zwift quite well.
The Tab S5e is even better, but it is not exactly cheap.

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I have the same issue, thought the new Samsung tab A would work with Zwift, I bought it because I needed it for my Wattbike Atom, I’m sure it would work if Zwift just added it to the list, they need to catch up

It seems to be a never ending story… Are there really so many people buying staff without checking if it suits for their needs?
Just curious - which trainer and bikes do they use, as these are the most expensive parts of the Zwift setup?

My experience goes back to November 19 and it looks like advice has changed for tablets it just says you need Android® 7.0 or higher

I cant test this out as I no longer have my Tablet

If it happens repeatedly perhaps its the info supplied that is at fault.

You check on the Zwift site and the requirements are given as Android® 7.0 or higher - there is no link or indication that anything more is required.

If you purchase based on that information its only when you cant find and download Zwift on the play store you are then directed to the forums (by zwift support) with a list of recommended devices


Same for me, I bought mine in December on the same advice, and then I found it was not compatible. It seems very much like Samsung have made a deal with Zwift so only the high end higher priced tablets are compatible. There really is no reason I can see why the Tab A shouldn’t work


If you look at the compatibility list, most of the tablets only run Android 6.0. That’s what really annoys me. I don’t have a vested interest in this any longer as I returned my Tab A. Instead of using the Run portion of Zwift I use my Garmin foot pod linked to my Garmin watch. When I end my treadmill run it uploads to Strava. Only money I’m out is the cost of the Zwift foot pod.

And I’ll quote what I said 4 days ago…“The only Tab A that’s compatible with Zwift is a 2016 model that runs Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)”. According to the tablet requirements, it needs to run Android 7.0 or higher.

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I was lucky and was able to return my Tablet as well (thanks Amazon) I ended up hooking up a laptop and TV which works well. Sweating buckets near my high end laptop doesn’t feel right somehow

The info supplied by Zwift re specs/compatibility is ether incomplete, misleading or wrong

Overall I like Zwift, its great tech and enjoyable. It runs brilliantly most of the time and support isn’t need.

When you have an issue and need support I don’t think the experience is quite as good.

It should be up to the end user to decide if an app will play on the users device and not zwift to slowly/arbitrarily get round to certifying devices with no transparent timeline in place.

This is my opinion and I express it here in the forum because maybe someone at Zwift will take it on board. When I did raise this whole issue with Zwift I was fobbed off with…The forums are a great place to get more community support for an idea and attention from the dev team…

gee thanks

This isnt meant as rant and I hope it doesnt read like one but my experience is as follows.

I was in the same position - I bought the same device use with my wattbike and then assumed it would work with zwift - I raised this with Zwift in November 19.

The reply I originally had was

I wanna let you know that I put in a request with our HQ to have your device the Samsung Galaxy Tab A to be reviewed

That was 4 months ago and nothing. The tablet will no longer be in production when they get round to reviewing it

Zwift are happy to take my money but don’t take ownership of customer issues. In my last communication with support when i asked how long a review might take I got the following message which is a real brush off.

I don’t have a general amount of time it takes to review, but we do encourage you to share your thoughts on our Community forums at

The forums are a great place to get more community support for an idea and attention from the dev team. The more attention an idea gets, the more likely it’ll get implemented into Zwift. You may find many members have the same thoughts and ideas as you!
I would also like to inform you that if it doesn’t appear in the play store then the device is not supported.
If you have any other questions, please let us know.
Ride On.
Member Experience Agent

“Ride on” stung slightly as we had been discussing my inability to use Zwift on my tablet. A company that uses the moniker "Member Experience Agent " is already someway from seeing clearly the needs of its customers.


By the way, the UPCOMING Galaxy Tab A 8.4 (2020) will not be as powerful as my Mi Pad 4, which was released June 2018.

Geekbench (Single-core) 1652 1319
Geekbench (Multi-core) 5121 4119
3DMark (Sling Shot Extreme - OpenGL) 1341 580
3DMark (Sling Shot Extreme - Vulkan) 1276 1097

Left scores are of a Snapdragon 660-based phone, right is the Exynos 7904 that will also be used in the next Tab A. It should be able to run Zwift, if it ever gets approved, but not wonderfully

Hi All,

I spent yesterdays afternoon tampering with the Zwift APK and my Galaxy Tab A from 2018.

The requirement not met by Tab A SM-T590 is “Arm64-v8a ABI”
The processor on my tablet has a CPU Architecture ARM-v7-A and the supported instruction sets are armeabi-v7a and armeabi. Arm64-v8a is not supported and therefore Zwift cannot run.
In particular, I saw at least two shared library files shipped in the APK that won’t be compatible with armeabi-v7a.

The issue is not with the power of the tablet or the GPU. The issue is with the capabilities of the CPU. This means much slower tablets might run Zwift, they “just” need a CPU architecture that is modern enough.
An oversimplified way to explain the issue is “the processor in my tabled can’t understand the instructions used in Zwift” if that make sense.

I was very happy with my tablet, but here I blame Samsung for:

  1. Using old/outdated CPUs in their low-end price mark.
  2. Using the same commercial name for very different architecture products.

I guess in the end I’m angry with myself because I thought I had a nice and powerful tablet at a fraction of the more expensive Samsung devices. But, as a good friend of mine always say: buy it cheap buy, it twice.

Hope this saves some one else’s afternoon :smiley:


After the most people here blamed Zwift - thank you, you did a good job!
I am not a Zwift employee, just a (happy) user.

PS. Is there nobody @ Zwift HQ who would have been able to answer in this way?

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I did some research before I bought my TAB A. It was on their list of usable devices. I can get the App to open and load my profile. But then it won’t pair to my sensors. Also in my research it said if the app appears in the Play store it “Should” work. Is this just total BS or what?

Can you select just watch and see the riders.
Are you using bluetooth sensors?

Yes, I’m able to watch other riders. My sensor is a Garmin Speed Sensor. It connects by ANT+. I tried using bluetooth as well but no luck either. It connects fine to my Samsung S9 phone.

Is the speed sensor Bluetooth and Ant+? Not all android devices support ANT+.

It’s ANT+ only that I’m aware of. But I tried Bluetooth as well, just hoping it would connect. I also downloaded an ANT+ plugin on the Tablet. But that also didn’t help. This setup I’m trying is just temporary. I have a new Wahoo Kickr core on it’s way. It should be here in a week or so. If I have to delete zwift and just use the Wahoo app I guess I’ll have to go that route.

The Wahoo should be Bluetooth and Ant so that should work on the tablet. Yes some android devices don’t have access to the ANT+ radio.

I just downloaded a few more ANT+ radio app plug in. I’m going to see if that helped at all…and it didn’t make a difference. It sounds like this version of the TAB A doesn’t have the ability to receive ANT+. How does a person know if a tablet has the capability? I’d think the latest and greatest version would be all you need. How very frustrating.

With all the different Android options it can be very hard. In the device spec they should list ANT+, but most of the entry devices don’t.

The good news is your new Wahoo can communicate using Bluetooth.