Samsung Tab A incompatible?

G’day All. Recently got the Samsung Tab A (SM-T590) and have found that it’s incompatible with zwift. Just curious as to why and if that’s likely to change at all?


I’m sorry but the Samsung Tab A doesn’t meet the system requirements for Zwift, as Zwift is a graphically intensive program. We don’t have any information at this time as to whether or not it’ll be supported in the future.

Check out this forum post to stay up to date on our Android Supported Devices! :slight_smile:

Ride On.

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Still no plans for making Zwift compatible with the Samsung Tab A?

The reply feom Zwift is not correct!
I bought my Samsung Tab A last year plus a handlebar mouting device and there was a Zwift app download that worked perfectly last winter.
So they must have taken the Tab A off the list in spring 2019. So the reason the Tab A is not powerful enough is false. Personally I believe as with Strava and Garmin that there is a commercial agreement to try to get us to upgrade! This has come as a shock to me and many of the Zwift advisors who did not know that the Tab A had come off the list in 2019
I would lile Zwift to provide honest responses to our questions and not try to pull the wool over our eyes. And the advice telling me to use my iphone or macair on the bike …sorry not practical. Tacx however works on Tab A so tough luck Zwift

Sorry Laurent the Tab A 2018 worked with the app up until at least Feb 2019.why the change?

Still no plans to include the Samsung Tab A?
I am pretty sure the tablet had the capacity to run Zwift!!!

I’m not happy as I bought the TAB A on the weekend for the sole purpose of using Zwift as my mobile phone was way too small. NOT HAPPY!