Samsung gear 3

(VHL Bruce #1

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Bruce,

Zwift does not support the Gear 3.

(VHL Bruce #3

That’s a pitty. Maybe something for the future

(Shaun Womersley) #4

Is there a reason why it isnt supported  please ?   Is it a Zwift choice  or do Samsung prevent it in some way ? 

(Gerrie Delport) #5

From the Samsung website It does not look like the Gear-3 has HR broadcast mode. 

(Shaun Womersley) #6

Thanks for the quick reply    Yet it connects to their phones and samsung health app  ?  Do you think that there is a restriction on broadcasting to other devices ? apps ?

(Gregory Cordier) #7

Hi Shaun,

I was able to use my Gear S3 with Zwift : you need to get the app called “Heart Rate and Speed Transmitter” in the Galaxy app store. It broadcasts both heart rate and running speed from built in accelerometer and heart rate sensor over Bluetooth Low Energy.

In fact there is no restriction from Samsung about it and developers are able to use this BT feature…

(Shaun Womersley) #8

Thats great Gregory    i will give it a try   many thanks for the information 

(Shaun Womersley) #9

which company  makes the app ? 

(Gregory Cordier) #10

The company which build this app is BIPR, I am the CEO of this company.

Feel free to come back if you need some help or have any suggestion about the app…

(Shaun Womersley) #11

struggling to find it    can see the treadmill app and the ant + controller   but not the heart rate transmitter ?

(Gregory Cordier) #12

“Heart Rate and Speed Transmitter” doesn’t brodcast over ANT+ but Bluetooth Low Energy.

If you are using Zwift on PC, you need to use Zwift Mobile Link on another device to make it work. You also need to start the app on your watch to activate broadcasting. Normally, you should be able to pair Zwift with your Gear S3 then…

(Gregory Cordier) #13

You have to connect to the S3 as a speed sensor and also as a heart rate sensor. The same device has both functions.

(VHL Bruce #14

Hey Gregory, i downloaded the app, but i cant find a button to start this app. Not on my phone and gear 3 watch. For the moment i can  only start it when i go to galaxy apps- my apps- all- gear and then i see the installed app. Is this normal?

(Gregory Cordier) #15

Hi Bruce,

No you should be able to start the app in the app menu. Did you try to reboot your watch ?

(VHL Bruce #16

Ok this fine now. Thanks

(John Warren) #17

This is great, I no longer need to borrow the wife’s Garmin for my zwifting. 

(John Warren) #18

Only comment, please can you add a close button, rather than needing to close via the recent apps route.

(Gregory Cordier) #19

Hi John,

Thank you for your feedback, I will try to add this on next release!

(Adam Brown) #20

I can’t find the app for Gear S2. Is it only for the S3?