Samsung galaxy tab A7


I have recently bought a Samsung galaxy tab A7, and having connection issues to zwift / tacx flow smart trainer.

I can initially connect no problem, but the moment I start pedaling, the connection fails, so no data, no controlled resistance.

Checks so far:

  1. Zwift can receive power/cadence data from my stages power meter.
  2. Tacx training app can receive power/cadence data from flow smart. Also controls resistance.
  3. Run zwift from phone (Samsung galaxy S10). Works without fault.

So the issue only occurs when zwift is run on the Tab A7 and the Flow smart.


Please don’t double post…
You got an answer Inthe other thread

Yup, I didn’t see the android specific topic so posted this first, was on my way to delete it when you replied.

Also, problem persists so if there’s any helpful replies, that would be appreciated.


ensure you have no other bluetooth devices enabled when riding and the TACX app is disabled as they sometimes conflict i have found