Samsung AE20 (Android) - trainer connected, but not detected

Bit of a weird bug I noticed this morning.

When I arrived at the pairing screen, I got the ‘Searching…’ message while the app tried to find my Kickr Core. Usually, it finds it after 5 - 10 seconds, but today it got to 30 seconds and nothing.

I clicked ‘cancel’ and at that point, noticed that on the home screen the Controllable and Power modules HAD connected and were showing my FTP. However, the Cadence module was still orange, showing it hadn’t picked anything up. The ‘Searching’ box remained and couldn’t find my Kickr Core, even though it HAD found it in the background.

Usually, when I connect the Kickr Core, the Power module connects first and then it takes a couple of seconds for the Cadence module to start reporting, but today, the Cadence module didn’t do anything.

The app then went into a bit of a mad cycle - it wouldn’t let me ride because it hadn’t detected a trainer, even though it was showing as connected, except for the Cadence module.

Screenshot attached.

Resolved by restarting the app.