Same pathetic user experience dung heap

Entered the pen for off the mapp tour, paired sensors, put kit on. Got on the bike sensors nolonger paired.
my wahoo paired just fine, zwift failed to see any sensors, ant+ ble any which way. now i rescehdule an annoying 3 hours later and cross my fingers.

day in the life of a zwifter

It can happen that your sensors goes to sleep when you are not pedaling. Best is to keep pedaling in the pen.

You can press A on your keyboard to go to the pairing screen and unpair / repair your sensors.

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Thanks Gerrie, I tried these steps with no joy hence the frustration. Your patience with zwift is extraordinay, they are very lucky to have you on here fire fighting.


That usually does the trick.

One other thing you might try is to unplug the USB ANT+ dongle. That sometimes happen with my wireless headphones.

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Force quit apps, unplug all connected devices and start over again.