RunScribe Plus connecting to Zwift for Running


I was wondering if there is any possibility to connect the RunScribe Plus to the Zwift Program over ANT+ or Bluetooth.


I have my STRYD connected to the Zwift over ANT+ (and works over Bluetooth also), for Running Online on the Treadmill on Zwift.


Now did i try to connect the RunScribe Plus to Zwift over Bluetooth but it did not find the Device.

Also did i try it over ANT+, but same, Zwift, or my Mac as well as my iPad can’t find the RunScribe on Zwift.

Any help on that?


Would love to Run with the RunScribe in the Snowy Wintertime on my Treadmill and Zwift, but seems not to work, even if RunScribe Plus is providing ANT+ and Smart Bluetooth…


Did anyone try it out an can help me? 




Mor info about RunScribe Plus on