Runpod not able to be detected at Realme Phone

Hi, guys.
I’m using Runpod with Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC and never face any issue.
I bought a Runpod for my friend and he’s using Realme X2 Pro but not able to detect it. He tried on another Realme phone and still not able to connect.

I need some help here. Does it has anything to do with the brand or Bluetooth?
Thanks in advanced.

I am experiencing the same issue with my wife’s phone Realme GT Neo2, not able to detect my Wahoo Kickr Core at all, while it works fine with my Samsung phone. Any idea Zwift team?

Have you changed the location settings to only when using the app rather than always?

This is a common issue.

Thanks for the support, just changed the location setings to what you suggested and it works fine now.


Great news. Glad it’s working.