Running your own Time Trials

Hi all,

Does anyone have any tips on how to set up their own Time Trial?
I really ‘enjoyed’ the Time Trial race on the recent ZA but wondered if there is a way that you can set your own up and measure yourself on a certain route/lap etc from a standing start on a TT Bike.

I’m not an expert on the routes and where you spawn enough to understand if its the same spot each time for whatever route you chose etc.

Anyone done anything like this?


As I understand it each route you choose starts at a point on the circuit within ± 50m and those starting points may differ for each route.

If you have strava linked then you can create a route on strava for your personal timing and then you will be able to see your progress. This would not however show you your times for a lap in the game, it would be something you could compare only on strava.

To setup your own “route” on zwift woul require (I think) setting up an event, and this is a level above what your are probably looking for.

D Jarvis