Running Workout builder

would like to seein the upcoming builds of Zwift will you be incorporating the availability of building your own running work outs? like on the cycling side or the program. would like to use my training peaks workouts in the program for gray months like winter or when its raining just ordered a new treadmill spirit ct850 with a c-safe port so I really am hoping that there will be a incorporation of the utilization of c-safe protocol in Zwift for the auto adjustment of the treadmill, thanks Guys love the program Zwifter for Life…


I think there’s a lot of missed opportunity not having running workouts.   Having the ability to set up training plans for 5K’s, 10K’s HM and FM, at different levels/mileage as well as being able to plan out your own progression and workouts would be fantastic.   

Instead of using FTP as the target, use Run Pace.   Should be relatively easy to implement, as Zwift Running is primarily tracking pace.