Running workout #3 uploaded as a regular run, not a completed workout


I did workout the endurance stimulation workout this morning. When I went to save, it uploaded as a regular virtual run and not a completed workout.

In cases like this is there anyway to get this corrected or do I just have to HTFU and do it again?


The same happend to me this morning… Would also like to know what I can do :slight_smile:

The response I got for the ticket was that it looks like I had an unstable internet connection and that’s why it uploaded incorrectly. Looks like I’d have to do it again.

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The same happend to me. Did you do it over again?

Hi Sylvia,

Yes I did do it again - I uploaded correctly this time. I think it was the mass of New Years Resolutions people clogging my gym’s WiFi connection. It worked fine the 2nd time.