Running slow with new Windows?

Hi all!

Yesterday I finally installed the new windows and it seems like it’s running my app slowly than before. I mean it’s working “perfectly” it just that is slightly noticeable slower. Is anyone experience this or is it my aversion to the new windows? xD I don’t hate it but I don’t like it.

Hi @Alexandra_Thorne

By “new Windows”, can I assume you mean you’ve upgraded your computer to Windows 11?

If so, I haven’t as yet seen any other reports of Zwift running slower than it did in Windows 10.

Do you happen to have a short video exhibiting this behavior? If so, I don’t think it’s very easy to link videos to the Forums, so it might be best if you open a support request with our team and email the video to us. We’re happy to take a look.

You can reach us here.

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Thank you!

Sorry for late response. At the end I ended up formatting my pc and I even updated the top and front fans to my pc and also I applied a new thermal past layer to my cpu. It had been forever since the last time I formatted my pc so it was long over due. Must have had something obstructing the general running of my pc because now it seems to be running smoothly. And yep, with new windows I mean Windows 11 which is the one I have now running correctly :smiley: