Running Slow when plug in Ant+

I use the Tacx NEO 2T through my laptop and bluetooth. No problems. To get the heart rate from my Garmin Forerunner 45 over to Zwift, I use the Ant+ dongle. I start broadcasting on my Garmin watch. But when I put the dongle in the laptop, Zwift starts working really slow, and I can’t find the heart rate in Zwift either, even though Ant+ and Bluetooths are searching for something. If I remove the Ant+ dongle again, Zwift works at normal speed again. But whatever, I can’t find the pulse.

I just started using Zwift again after a 1 year break. Last time I had no problems.

How can it be that the system runs so slowly when I put Ant+ in the laptop? Why can’t I broadcast from the Garmin watch to Zwift even though I follow the instructions?

Do you possibly have Garmin Express installed on your laptop?

If so, uninstall it, or ensure it isn’t running. It is known for causing issues, and this sounds like it could be part of the issue.

Or at best case, ensure Express isn’t starting on startup and running in the background.
The fact you aren’t able to pick up your sensors when the ANT+ dongle is in, sounds like Express is trying to pull data and taking all the CPU time with it.