Running minimum speed?

Hi, i just tried ZWIFT in order to run on my treadmill on Twitch.

I setup the pod, i’m a fat guy that run at 6.5kph. My issue is the in game character is walking instead running. I know my speed is not very high but come on … I dont walk :smiley: it’s really insulting haha

How fast do I have to run for the character to run in-game?

Is there a way to configure something to make my character run instead walk without “hack” the pod calibration ? Maybe change my size to a dwarf size ?

Only a bit more…:wink: At a speed of 6,8 kph your character will beginn to run. I’am sure, in less than a month you’ll manage that speed!

I don’t know any way to configure your character to run earlier.

Haha yes i saw, but i’m streaming so i have to talk with my viewers and my BPM is too high at 7kph

As above, stick with it and you’ll soon be able to hold a conversation at a higher pace.

You could try using the 1st person view as it doesn’t matter then if you are walking or running.

Oh i didnt know there is a first person view. Thx mate.