Running, how do I?

I cannot seem to connect to the running program.  I have a new iPad, Bluetooth hrm, a foot pod, but don’t seem to the option of choosing to run.  What am I missing?

Hi Christine.  You’re a little early to the party as running is still in a ‘beta’ mode for testing, however it is available to you using a secret one-time unlock (after which, running will always be available to you).

For details check out the “Zwift Runners” facebook group - the pinned post should give you all the info, and it’s a great group to chat with as well.

Thanks very much, it’s winter, cold and snowy.  This should make the treadmill so much more enjoyable.

What are plans - if any - for Windows??


It’s available on Windows already. On the top of the Paired Devices screen just select Run:

I’ve been looking online and can find nothing on how to set this up or how it even actually works?


\Do you have any kind of documentation or help files on this?


It’s still in beta, but your best resource will be here: