Running distance during calibration not counting

Recently I’ve noticed an annoying change while running on Zwift: when I go through a calibration (to sync my treadmill speed to Zwift by running for 1 minute at a pre-determined pace) the distance I run during the calibration no longer counts towards my total. This makes absolutely no sense, I’m running while calibrating, why wouldn’t I want to count that distance??? It used to count that distance into my run, and it’s an entire minute, which can create a serious discrepancy between the treadmill and Zwift (especially if I feel like I need to do it again, which happens a lot). Please fix this back to the way it was, I can’t think of a single reason why someone wouldn’t want that time they spend running to be counted in their total distance. If it matters I use an iPad air 2 for running on Zwift. 

You shouldn’t need to calibrate every run, what foot pod are you using?

My wife uses it a lot so we have to calibrate again when we switch. Either way, it should still count even if it’s just once. It’s still part of the run.

Hey there,

We did make a change in that flow since we wanted it to match with cycling calibrations.