Running custom workouts/edit workouts


I’m a trail ultra runner who uses treadmill workouts all year round. I do lots of very specific training indoors with heavy inclines, long intervals, lots of reps, etc. 

I would love to be able to set up custom workouts like these:

5 * ( 4k @10%incline @165 Avg HR) 300meters rest in between or until drop to @135HR

3* (1k @5%, 1k @6%, 1k @7%, 1k @8%, 1k @9%, 1k @10%) @160-175HR

30* (1k @certain speed or @170HR)

Incline and HR for me are definitely keys to improve my runs. I also do very long runs on the treadmill where I just check that the HR stays within zone 2. For those, I feel that the current build works just fine. I can see all my numbers on the dashboard and let them guide me on the speed/inclination. 

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