Runnin Plan 5K

Welcome, I signed to 5K RECORD BREAKER TRAINING PLAN. I would like to prepare to run it about 18:00 - 19:00 min. How i can set training plan to adjust it to that time? I did first workout today but times during workout were very slow. Also for next workouts it is not very demanding taking into account 5k. Is it possible to give desired time (as it is when we can give ftp for cycling) and adjust plan to that time?

One more remark with that plan. Short hills workout. It is recommended to do it 6-8% slope. It is 10x400 12,9 km/h rest 10x400 11 km/h slope 0. I like mountains but 12,9 km/h for 400 m 8% gradient i can’t do it. One , two times yest but not 10 times and in green zone. With mentioned speed and slope it is done in red zone and heart rate is my max. Is it ok with that plan?