Runner not moving


I’m using a noblepro e8 treadmill and I can get zwift to work fine when I have the app installed on my Pixel 2 phone. When I install the app on my Pixel slate tablet so I can actually see things, I can still pair the treadmill but the runner never moves.

I notice the device pairs and it says 0kph as the speed for a few seconds before disappearing.

Are there any known issues with the pixel slate tablet? I make sure the Bluetooth on my phone is off so it’s not interfering. I’ve also tried reinstalling the app as well.


Hi there,

Sometimes in the pairing on certain devices with BT it doesn’t quite connect as it should. What I tend to do it set the treadmill running before pairing, then when you pair you should see the speed displayed and you know it’s working.
If not unpair and then pair again.

I think this is a little issue left over from the recent BT problem. It’s taking me 2 or 3 attempts to get mine working.