RUNN elevation calculation

Hi you tried calibrating the Runn using the Configurez app? Not the speed but just the incline.

Same problem. With the Configurez app I can see that my elevation is perfectly configured (0%) when I stand on it. But every run that gets uploaded to Strava from Zwift show hundreds of meters of elevation… very frustrating, my entire elevation run history is completely screwed up on strava now.
If RUNN sends 0% through bluetooth to Zwift, why is zwift changing the elevation before uploading to Strava?

Sorry about my English, but I ll tray to explain,
1 my incline is calibrated
2 when I export my run to Strava incline is completely off it s just a straight line up
3 but when I run with my Garmin at the same time, incline is ok in a perfect calibration, but at this time the activity imported with Garmin there is no elevation just that one with swift . :thinking: