Run stryd and polar hr issues

Hi Zwift run. iPad user. I have a Stryd foot pod and Polar h10 hr strap. After running for a while the hr is all over the place. I can use one or the other but not both. Do I need a different foot pod or hr for indoor use?

Outdoor I use Garmin her and stryd. No issues.

I used to use a chest mounted HRM but it was always a faff - kept moving, kept dropping out +me having to lick the contacts etc.
But I moved to a forearm mounted HRM which is keeps better contact - it works using the two green LEDs rather than the H10 which works on electrical conductivity? Someone help me out here…

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Hi @randy_mounts welcome to Zwift forums.

What app do you use to track your outdoor runs?

The H10 is capable of broadcasting two Bluetooth signals simultaneously, so in theory, it can bond to whatever app you use outside and to Zwift at the same time.

For the purposes of troubleshooting, you may want to force-close the outdoors app on your smartphone. Maybe consider powering off your phone to test this idea, so that only your iPad is powered on?

Also make certain that the Polar HRM’s two signals aren’t being hijacked by some other source, such as iOS’s list of stored Bluetooth devices, or a runner’s watch.

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