Run rabbit run

(Mark Yeoman VTC) #1

Had my first run session earlier using iOS & PYLE sports Bluetooth footpod. I was doing a 4x 2k (negative split) run session going from 15kph to 16.7kph. However the avatar didn’t even get close (he was running between 8-9kph). Maybe a calibration aspect from the footpod but it got me thinking about possible solutions.

  1. have a treadmill / footpod / avatar calibration where your avatar completes a walking 400m then a running 400m. Might need entering treadmill speed & stop option on the iPhone so that the motion of the avatar moves closer to the treadmill speed. Might be a case of entering two treadmill speeds post run so that the aviator / footpod can match the treadmill speed.
  2. as treadmills are not smart’ then for gradient changes add suggestion treadmill incline on the map side profile.
  3. have a Zwift 400m track for efforts.
  4. have a completely flat route around the edge of the island / route where you can see more people as I guess with less looking to run the social interaction could be sparse unless you have a shorter 5km loop where you can in theory see more people
  5. avatar naturally in run kit No no no long socks. Even as a triathlete this is not acceptable lol
  6. you can still have quickest lap or hill climb jersey / vest
  7. the iPhone would need specific run tabs to switch from bike to run
  8. have a pacer mode for long easy runs where you set in a distance or time or pace and you then follow a ghost avatar as a pacer
  9. With so few Bluetooth footpods, either better link with ANT+ or for Zwift to have its own bluetooth footpod which can be bought. Best if it was dual Bluetooth & Ant+ so it links to garmin, sunto etc