Run pod

Hi, can I use the run pod while I use doing skimountaineering?

I don’t see why not but it’s clearly not going to be reflective of the activity you are doing. Not sure if it’s designed to operate at such low temperatures either.

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Thanks Stuart. Finally, I tried tu use my Garmin Fenix 6X pro and works fine, but I have a doubt about if I can see dsnv positive in run zwift. Becausez in skimountaineering the most important thing is the positive metres. If I can not used it, I will use only Garmin with Strava and indoor bike in Zwift. (Sorry for my English) thanks :+1::+1::+1:

You can link your Garmin to Zwift using the virtual run mode. It will use your arm movements to predict speed.


I want basically to have and see to positive meters than I do, for exemple 1000m positives.
And I think that in Zwift there is not Challenges about this how for exemple (Everest challenge in bike).