Run PerfPro for an ERG workout while running Zwift for the fun

Just a passing thought. Often I have my computrainer hooked up, but I’m doing a prescribed ERG workout using PerfPro.

My thought/idea is, is there a way to have Zwift running on the same computer as Perf Pro to give me a more interactive and fun way to enjoy my workout.

As a IT/BI professional I do realize that having 2 software programs accessing the same hardware more than likely will cause conflicts and not work. But how about this. My trainer has both a computrainer as well as a full set of Garmin Speed/Cadence/HR sensors on it. Is there a way to have a second device (smart phone or tablet) run Zwift and access the Garmi inputs while my other device (laptop) manages the computrainer. I do realize that there are certain drawbacks, … but “I” would like to see this feature somehow added.


Having had the same thoughts becuase I use the same kit, I stumbled across your post. It’s been a while since you asked, but did you receive a response or work out how to do it?