RUN: Android Companion App Orange bluetooth, should I care?

Hello a query if that’s ok all … its a GUI/UX/posting runs query

Setup as below/ all working nicely on first ever try :slight_smile:

  • Normal treadmill
  • Garmin Fenix 3
  • Garmin Footpod connected to watch
  • Garmin Chest strap HRM run connected to watch
  • Android Oreo 8.1 phone connected on same wifi network as laptop
  • Win10 laptop with Zwift app running, same wifi network as laptop
  • ANT+ dingle on Win10 laptop

Now the Query

  1. With all above on, and my doing a run and working, there is an ORANGE blurtooth icon in the android companion app, that says go to a pairing screen. Is the app assuming I would not have ANT+, but connect my garmin watch to bluetooth to my phone/ the companion app, and then to the laptop hence why its orange? Otherwise I cannot see what other things to connect



That’s correct. If there’s no reason why you need to connect sensors through Zwift Companion on your OnePlus or your Windows 8 PC, please completely disable bluetooth on both. The light you’re noticing is likely Companion readying your Bluetooth connection expecting that you’re going to bridge devices from your OnePlus to Windows.

cool, thanks David

Not a problem; you’re more than welcome, but if you’re still noticing inconsistencies after disabling Bluetooth, please keep in touch!