RPM (Cadence) 1500, 1999 peaks

(Andreas Schortens PACK) #1


i use a cadence ant+ sensor, but during my rides, i have irregulars peaks.

The cadence get up between 1500 and 1999 for circa. 1 second.

I am really not that fast. :slight_smile: How can i avoid this?

For my ANT+ Stick i use a extension cable so it is near to my cadence sensor (ca. 0,5 meter)

Anybody have an idea?

(Gerrie Delport) #2

Sound like your cadence sensor is not properly aligned or you may have interference. I had that happen and it was caused by those two things. i replaced the extension cable with a better one and aligned the sensor and magnet.

(Andreas Schortens PACK) #3

The cable cannot be the problem. I have mass of them tested :slight_smile:

I use a neodym magnet, are the type of magnet eventually to strong?

I try to position the sensor on another place.

(Gerrie Delport) #4

At least you know the cable is ok. Those magnets are very strong, i use one and it works great. Play around with the position of your sensor.

(Jason K) #5

As Gerrie mentioned, checking for interference is a good idea as well.