Rowing on Zwift

(Harrison Roberts WBR) #1


I know that this has been brought up quite a few times but I guess adding to the interest may take the process a baby step forward. 

Could rowing please be added to zwift. I personally ride and row. From my experience on zwift so far, riding has been awesome. However it would be great if rowing was added to zwift. Doing any kind of work on an ergo is tedious and taxing, adding rowing to zwift would make it so much more entertaining and would probably encourage others to take up rowing.



(Jeff Bird ABD) #2

I’ll jump on board with this, as well. It would definitely make for a great addition to integrate rowing (Concept II rowing erg is what I use) to Zwift. I get that the programming challenges may be a little more than adding the running feature, but would still be nice. I also saw the suggestion about a Row, Bike, Run virtual triathlon - that would be awesome!

(John Larson (LAPT)) #3

According to the recent interview with Eric Min, rowing is coming.


(Jon Scordia) #4

Hi folks, I would just like to chime in in support of rowing on Zwift! I have a Concept 2 rower with PM5 controller which broadcasts on Bluetooth. I too heard Eric Min say it was under consideration. So if there is a need for Beta testers on Mac or Apple TV…!

(Paul Flusk) #5

fantastic news. If this goes forwards, worth considering PM3/4USB to pc support for backwards compatibility.

(Lone Hansen/ #6

I too would not mind being beta tester for rowing using Concept 2 in conjunction with iPhone and Apple TV 4K. I row three times a week - around 15-20 km/week. Besides running and cycling.

(Robert Homer) #7

Not being blessed with a concept 2 I’ve added speed and cadence sensors to my dumb rower, accurate I think not but a whole lot more interesting than staring at a wall.

(Joe Simile) #8

I would be down to beta test this! My wife and I love rowing and it would be great if it was included in Zwift!

(Gianluca Nardi) #9

It should be great!!!

(G Weber RIDE for CF) #10

I would love Zwift Row, much more enjoyable than Run :wink:

Maybe Waterrower with their new “Smart Row” add on might be possible, too. Looks like this is an accurate powermeter for all Waterrower models out there to retrofit. 

Does anybody know on what kind of BLE standard they are broadcasting the power ?is there a specific bike power, or is any power the same standard?

(John Suchomski (C)) #11

Rowing on Zwift would certainly be an exciting prospect. In many ways so many foundations are already in place. It would be amazing for the Puntney to Mortlake Championship Course (think Oxford v Cambridge) to be mapped and accessible to indoor rowers. If Putney, Hammersmith, Barnes and Chiswick bridges were featured over the 6.8k course it would steal the march on anything else currently available to indoor rowers. It sounds like there’s a natural leaderboard for the London course already. This has got virtual ‘Scullers Head’ written all over it. The lakes of Watopia could easily cater for longer circular routes. Please bring it on! Alternative platforms for indoor rowing are getting a bit tired and old.

(Russell Grant) #12

Hey Zwift Support,

Is rowing being seriously considered as an additional sport? I seem to remember Eric Min being a guest on the Zwiftcast discussing the possibilities of adding rowing?


(M Miach) #13

Another +1 for rowing.  I use a WaterRower with the latest S4 monitor so would like to see that incorporated if it happens.  


Row On. 

(. Erlendur S. Th.) #14

+1 for rowing!

I have a Concept2 with PM5 and currently I “row” using PainSled as an intermediary (see but it would lovely to have a direct experience.

(Karen Parnell Chili Tri MAF) #15

Definitely up for being a beta tester! I have a Concept 2 with PM5, android and iOS devices plus BT and ANT+ device access. When I was an engineer I was very good at testing and breaking things! Plus of course constructive feedback :slight_smile:

(Karen Parnell Chili Tri MAF) #16

I just checked and the Concept 2 PM5 monitor has both Bluetooth and ANT+ so should be something east to do if zwift and Concept 2 share API’s? Lets hope they are talking? Maybe they are waiting for a rowing avatar and some routes with water on? 

(Ross Silva) #17

I have a WaterRower which uses the S4 rowing computer that syncs with Android and apple devices, providing live data, such as power, row rate, speed and spin rate to apps currently like Coxswain. Rowing would be great in the water on Watopia and it seems like data input is available on multiple rowing machines. Add my vote for rowing in Zwift!

(Karen Parnell Chili Tri MAF) #18

Hello everyone - I have set up a Facebook page called “Zwift Rowers”. It would be good if you could all join and share how you are set up to use zwift for rowing - your platform - PC, MAC, iphone or android or other way and if using BT or ANT+ or any other innovative set up you may have. Please share photos of yourself rowing on zwift. Hopefully start a movement and get some rivers and lakes on zwift??

(Russell Grant) #19

Hi Karen,

I’ve searched for your Facebook group “Zwift Rowers” and it doesn’t appear. You may have created it as a “Secret” group in which case it’s not viewable through a search. You can change access to the group to “Closed” which will allow people to find the group but would need to request access to post or view post.

(Karen Parnell Chili Tri MAF) #20


I just checked and it is just closed so you should be able to find it? Someone just joined. Zwift Rowers.