Rowing Needed

Who wants rowing on Zwift? I have recently injure my leg and looks like running is starting to catch up with my body. I recently got into rowing and there is anything out there much for rowers. I ask the Zwift Team and they said this needs to get attention from the Zwift community to get the devs attention. So here is my first post.

We need rowing Modules!! Zwift could own the market for this!!!

Who’s with me? :slight_smile:

Search the forum for other threads on this. Rowing was ‘imminent’ for a while, but now appears to be on the back burner for the foreseeable future.

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You are going to have to wait a long time I am guessing, Eric Min says it is not coming any time zoon.



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Funny. In June he said the complete opposite…

But then they asked cyclists if they wanted rowing via a survey that wasn’t theirs…

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Rowing on Zwift is already possible:
How to use your Concept2 Rower on Zwift

It works flawless for me and is great fun. I don´t care if my avatar is a rower or a cyclist.

Who wants rowing

Since you ask. Not me. Sorry

I joined Zwift specifically for cycling and am getting quite frustrated at the slow progress of fixing & improving the cycling content. My perception is that the addition of rowing just further slows this progress.


I’m about to hit level 39, 95% on a rower so yeah, you can do it, if you are OK with treating it as a fitness game that you happen to control with a rower. I have a blog post about how to do it with a couple of apps I developed:

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you made a really fantastic job in developing those rowing tools…i have a lot of fun with it…dont race…for…yes…just say some specific reasons…but i do my base workouts of rowing with group rides connecting with your software…in my opinion your tools to row the avatars bike are just better than implementing rowing as it is…

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Thanks for the kind words! I have a lot of fun with it as well, and I also don’t race, for a very specific reason: I’m slow as frozen molasses flowing uphill inside of a black hole :slight_smile:

I would like sky rowing in Watopia please. This would be like flying an airplane but instead of airplanes they would be pterodactyls. When the cyclists and runners look up in the sky each pterodactyl they see would be a rower in real life. They could even give them a friendly “row on” for encouragement which would cheer people up in these difficult times. After rowing 1,000,000 metres, you could unlock Trondactyl. With its glowing wings it would look amazing especially at night.