Rowing in Zwift

After six month of cycling in Zwift, I gained legs like Hulk. Please add Rowing to Zwift, so we can train the whole body.

I’ll quote myself from another thread:

Better that Zwift focus on their core game features before investing resources on a tiny market with limited ROI.

Please search the forums and you will find that rowing is not going to happen anytime soon.

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Rowing on Zwift works perfectly fine if you don’t mind that your avatar is a cyclist or runner: Rowing on Zwift




Might change now JM is back in the hotseat, he was the only one working on it when he was banished to the basement.

There is just one problem as we know @Kerstin_K_C2rower :rofl:, only being able to chat post ride.

Yes, that´s a real drawback. For ride leaders a no-go of course. And maybe the main reason why the official version was laid on ice by Zwift.

We have a rowers´ Zwift club now called “PainSledders” where we do occasional club rides / runs with Discord, that adds a whole new dimension to rowing on Zwift! :+1:

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Out of curiosity, what kind of power are rowers putting out compared to their riding watts? I rowed for years and always thought it was a great all-round workout but my rowing machine wasn’t clever enough to connect to Zwift.

The app “PainSled” adds 30% of the rowing watts in Zwift. There are several studies that show that this value works good for well-trained rowers.

In my case it´s a very good value and this way my rowing ftp matches my cycling ftp pretty exactly (I´m an all-year bike commuter and perform pretty well on the bike part of triathlons). But the shorter the efforts the more the values drift apart: It´s just not possible (for me) to do a real sprint on the rowing machine; it´s no problem to put out 180 watts constantly, but I can hardly hit 300 watts for one or two strokes. On the bike it´s no problem for me to get way above 400 watts. So I´m always the one who pulls the field in the race and then comes last in the final sprint - but that´s fine for me :upside_down_face:

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Valid point, but to be true: I don’t type while cycling as well. Some Ride Ons are all I can do at 130+ BPM. ^^
If you want to be communicative, there’s always Discord as an option. Perhaps even with a Speech2Text API. Or just chat afterwards at the bonfire drinking a virtual beer together.