Route selection scroll bar missing on Windows [October 2021] [1.18.0] [SOLVED]

When I start Zwift, I cannot choose all routes. The side scroll bar is missing (see picture)

I’m zwifting for 2 years and never had this problem.
I removed zwift and reinstal, still the same problem.

Is this a known isue?
How can I fix this?


This is a known issue and I assume Zwift is working on a fix. You should be able to still scroll using a trackpad or mouse.

Well they’re not working very hard, still not sorted after 20 odd days.

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I would assume if they have a fix it will only be in the next update since it is not a critical issue.

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Noticed today an update to version 1.18.3 on Mac (I may have been checking to see if ShinKyo was released yet) and the scroll bar is back on the route selection screen. Is this fixed on Windows too?

Neokyo, I’m guessing is going to be released tomorrow(could be different depending on where in the world you live in), I believe 1.18.3 was a Mac only update.

Good news - looks like the bar is back in Windows!

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Hey all - this scroll bar bug on Windows has been fixed in game version 1.19.0.

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