Route selection scroll bar missing on Windows [October 2021] [1.18.0] [SOLVED]

Thx !
I had to figure out how to scroll with trackpad as I have a combi keyboard/mouse from Logitech as input device on my zwift computer.
Two fingers up/down on the trackpad does the magic.

Close to a feature, not bug now :thinking:

Multi-touch gestures via trackpad have been baked into Windows for well over a decade, you’ve been missing out. :wink:


Just installed 1.18 last night and also noticed the missing scroll bar. I tried using the black up and down arrow next to the route box but it only page up or down one page so I couldn’t get to all the available routes. The up and down arrows on my keyboard also didn’t work. I tried the other options mentioned above but couldn’t get any of them to work. I on Windows 10 and am using a keyboard with in integrated touchpad. I hope Zwift puts the scroll bars back in as this ‘enhancement’ makes it more difficult to select a route. Maybe I should ask for my monthly fee to be prorated by the percentage of routes I can see and use since I now don’t have full access to all of the routes I’m paying for…

Move mouse over the routes and scroll by dragging up and down with two fingers.

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Thanks Dave - Having the cursor over the route box is key. Still prefer a scroll bar, not sure why Zwift decided to take it out.


Since the update my Watopia route list is only showing a small number of routes. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Zwift on my laptop but still no different. image

The scroll bar disappeared, you can still scroll with a mouse wheel, keyboard arrows, etc…

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I’m afraid that doesn’t work either. I have a mouse pad on my laptop and there’s no scroll ability using that and using the arrow keys doesn’t work either. The only thing that changes the presented route list at all is clicking the black arrow on the screen (the one that changes it into alphabetical order) but all that seems to do is change the order of the reduced list and give me access to a few more routes. At this point I can access 11 Watopia routes from the list, I’m sure there should be more. For example, there’s no access to the Volcano Circuit routes. I can currently view and access from Muir and the Mountains to The Pretzel by clicking on the black “Alphabetical” arrow to rearrange my limited list.

Use 2 fingers at the same time to scroll with the touch pad.

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Thank you, two fingers seems to work. :+1:

Chris Heydinger

I am having issues with this as well, but I suspect I’m a bit of a fringe case (Zwift running on a Win10 VM, using GameStream to push it to my Nvidia Shield in my workout room, using game controller instead of keyboard/mouse)…I have access to on-screen keyboard, but neither up/down keys nor PgUp/PgDn do anything to scroll through the route options…

EDIT: I just figured out how to click-and-drag with the game controller, so I have a workaround now…still hoping for an actual fix of bringing the scrollbar back though!

For those who user point & click devices like presentation click devices both solutions are a pain in the ■■■■.

Can we not mark things fixed when a workaround has been suggested. Workarounds are not long term fixes. Just building technical debt of which there is a shed load already


This is not marked as fixed it is just a solution so that people can continue using Zwift while Zwift is fixing the bug.

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I’m still wondering what sort of SQA will let object changes like this fly by into production release.

You do get the “this topic has been solved, only reply here if…” warning when posting. So it is marked as solved.

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I lost ability to scroll through routes to find a route to do. Only a small portion of routes are available m

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Hi Mark. The scroll bar has gone missing, but you can still move through the full list. Assuming you’re using a PC or Mac, using a mouse scroll wheel, left-clicking and dragging and two finger gesture scrolling all still work. If you’re using a touchscreen device you should be able to drag the list up and down like normal. On Apple TV I expect it’s no different to usual.

List scroll bars have become a universal visual cue that says: there’s a list here, it’s longer than what you see on the screen, it’s about this long, and you’re about there in the list. All that with one visual element.

Why would anyone remove such a visual cue is beyond me. Apart from some clumsy finger hitting a delete button before sending an unverified software release to a group of blind testers, that is.


So lame. Checking the forums before I ride to see what works and what doesn’t.

merci à vous, cela ne fonctionne pas avec le pavé tactile de mon laptop par contre avec le scroll de la souris tout est OK
Ride ON !!

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