Route mistake

This morning, I set out to complete the Quatch Quest.
I was 20 some minutes into the ride and going up the KOM toward the Castle. I had not yet gone over the big bridge.
I suddenly saw an intersection cue and I knew there should be none until the Radio Tower.
I must have hit the U turn button when I reached for my towel.
Darn gloves!! Why do I have to ride in the garage? Why is it so cold!!
I’m not sure how long I had gone the wrong way , I’m sure not more than 1/2 mile or a mile.
I was not sure if I should turn around and complete the course or not.
I did not want to invest 3 hours into a route and not get credit.
I closed the session and rode a different route.

Is there a way to tell if the route is salvageable.

PS I apologize to all the people that I cursed at for 10 minutes because its cold in the Northern hemisphere. I think I even cursed at the month of Feb and threw a few words at Jan too!

As far as I know, once you make a turn manually, that is the end of the “route”. It is not “salvageable”.


I successfully completed PRL Half after going off course for only a matter of seconds. I went just barely past the intersection before manually U-turning and then turning in the direction the route went.

On the other hand, thanks to Zwift’s longstanding “trying to move the camera POV when a turn prompt came up” bug, I went off course on the first lap of PRL Full by a minute or more. Like you, rather than turn around and ride another 6 hours not knowing whether I’d get credited for the course, I aborted and restarted… even though that meant I had to climb Box Hill twelve times that day instead of eleven!