Route/Map selection issue

When I finish pairing my sensors. Zwift sends me direct to the ride screen without being able to select route/map. Next day i sign in again, it is again same route as previous day without the option to choose a different one. I am using a Mac to pair my sensors.

Hi @Mauricio_Juarez, welcome to the forums. Are you a brand new user? The first time you ride you have to complete the tutorial, after that it will start to give you the option to choose which route after the pairing screen.

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Thank you @Mike_Rowe_PBR yes I am new user. I have not seen any option to complete a tutorial. Where do i have to look for it?

just start riding, as you move around instructions will come up on the screen and tell you about how everything work. I’m not sure how long it takes to get through it, so plan on at least 20 minutes.


It is a bit wierd. I have done 3 sessions in different days. 30-60 minutes each and none has shown an option for tutorial. All 3 with same route as my first one.

It’s not an option, you are forced into it during the first ride… at least that is how it was for my daughter who recently joined. However, hers’ is a free child account, she is 11, so maybe it is only for kids accounts?

see this post

Ok, I’ll wait and see if somebody else have any other suggestion. Thank you @Mike_Rowe_PBR

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Mmm, @Gerrie_Delport sounds reasonable but a bit unlikely as I do not have the same issue of “double clicking” in other apps or while using the computer. But i will check anyway.

I read the other forum where somebody seems to have the same problem, and being sent straight to ride Watopia route. In my case it is not Watopia it is London.

Interesting, have you tried reinstalling Zwift, maybe something is corrupted?

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What device are you running Zwift on and what is the version number?

The guess world is always the default. Today it is London guest world.

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