Route Counter?

Zwift recognizes when we complete a route for the first time. I would like to know how many times I have ridden a particular route (ie Alpe du Zwift). Would it be possible to add some sort of a counter?

I think this counter already exists, and is called ‘Strava’ :joy::joy::joy:


But only if you are a paying subscriber.

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Incorrect. Even non-subscribers can see how many times they did a segment. They won’t be able to see all of their historical times, however.

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I was wrong, you are right, sorry.
But only for segments, not for a route.

That is true, but aren’t all of the Zwift routes also ‘segments’ in Strava? (I’m not really sure on this, but I think they are.)

Correct Nigel, Strava has all Zwift routes defined as Strava segments too.

Further, Strava can tell you how many times you have done a route and will give you your top10 times if you configure it to do so (I’m on free Strava).