Route Achievement retrospective

I’ll just drop this here so I don’t have to start a ride to be able to look at it.


What I learned:

  1. 90% of the available routes on Zwift are massively unpopular for group rides.
  2. Reversely, it feels silly to ride routes that you’ve done three to five times a week for months once again just to get a badge.
  3. The Mega Pretzel was the only route that didn’t end at a start/finish/sprint/KOM banner/arch. :thinking:
  4. The London Loop is really boring after ten times.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

I started chasing route achievement badges recently. One day, I’ll have the full assortment too!

Can’t you just buy a system administrator a beer? :joy:


I forgot one:

  1. Riding New York routes in December with the Sinatra Christmas playlist at max volume sorta works for me :joy::christmas_tree::santa:

There is no badge for that!

Haha. Good idea but to late for me. I done all too :joy: waiting for new levels. Hate seeing this bar not moving.

I heard levels are scheduled to match my age from now on :man_shrugging:

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Good effort!

99? Or more? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You did them to fast, it is like a good meal where you enjoy every bite. I limited myself to only one badge per day.:blush: