Rookie Setup Help // Derailer wires cut

Hey guys,

Total rookie question here. Been on zwift since November and it’s been a blast. I picked up a cheap bike 2nd hand back then (see image below). It had these crazy twist shifters on the handlebars, taking up way too much real estate. So I picked up new handlebars on Amazon and installed it tonight.

Problem is, I then cut all the cables from the old handlebars! So now the derailer is basically flailing around and the chain comes off.

What’s the best course of action here? I have the Zwift Hub One so I don’t need shifting, I just need the chain to stay in place, which it’s not now that I cut the cable to the derailer.

Open to help. The frame is crappy so I could also replace the whole thing.

Thanks for the help for a rookie…


Yes it’s possible to position the derailleur without a shifter. What you can do is take the cable and thread it directly into the barrel adjuster on the derailleur so the head of the cable sits in the barrel adjuster. Position the derailleur in approximately the right place so the derailleur pulleys are in line with the cog. Then tighten the cable anchor bolt and trim the cable. Fine tune position with the barrel adjuster. This can also be done with an old spoke where the J-bend of the spoke sits in the barrel adjuster.

Another option would be to replace the derailleur with a chain tensioner. This is a good one but you can find many cheap alternatives on Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, your bike shop, etc. It may be necessary to shorten the chain if you do this.


Thanks for this help Paul! Appreciate it as a rookie to the cycling world! I’ll keep ya posted how it goes :slight_smile:

Paul gave some solid advice.

Don’t replace the frame, it look perfect for the trainer.

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Hi folks, thanks for the help! I got my setup back up and running.