Roller power curve

(Jim Skelton) #1

I tried zwift with generic non resistance rollers and found that it was estimating my power pretty closely (based on my heart rate), but maybe underestimating around 10%. I’m impressed at how accurate it was, but I’m wondering whether it’s able to be tweaked a bit. Is there a way to create a custom power curve? Rollers have a pretty straight “curve”. For instance, if I know that at 22mph on the rollers, I’m putting out 210 watts based on my heart rate, is there a way of telling zwift that?

I might be able to raise the power curve by putting on a bigger tire, or inflating higher, but it would be nice to be able to create a custom power curve…

(Yves M.) #2

I also use generic rollers [Tacx Antares]  for indoor training so I have been using Zwift using the ‘unlisted roller’ option. For me I found power in Zwift was overestimated by 10 or 20% so I would love to be able to fine tune the power curve.

I ended up canceling my Zwift subscription because of this and also because of the current lack of features in training mode, and I have moved to Trainer Road that both supports my rollers, and have extremely detailed training programs.

Once these 2 issues are resolved I will be back on Zwift, I am sure it is only a question of time !