RoboPacer Drops Multiplier maxed out at 2.0x [1.30] [October 2022] [SOLVED]

Me too, it stops at 2X since the update. WIll they fix their mistake ?

Yep, we’ll get this fixed.


Hope fixed soon.


That’s super nice to hear. Thank you, I find pace partners rides are really cool as a beginner :wink:

Not sure if related: I was riding with D.Bernie around the Volcano Circuit today (25x for the badge) and noticed I had to stay VERY close to her to maintain the multiplier. If I got more than something like 8-meters away, I’d lose it. This seems like a smaller radius than on my past rides.

EDIT - of note: it was a SMALL pack/blob so perhaps that’s correlated.


That could be a feature if tweaked a bit.

If people join pace partner from the main menu and get too far ahead they could either get no multiplier or maybe even have drops taken away… :wink:

In the other pace partner groups the radius for multiplier seems normal.

Yeah they definitely tweaked something.
I’m returning from being sick, and joined either Coco or one of the others, and I literally had to be within arm’s reach of the pace partner to be in their zone.

These ranges are 100% tied to the estimated sized group around the bots… but this system needs MUCH more tweaking.

There were probably 20-30 people actually around and riding with this bot, but for whatever reason I was forced to have to sit … on top of them, to be able to get multipliers.

I personally am not a huge fan of this system; if I can see a bot, or them me,… that should be considered riding with them. I shouldn’t ever have to be 1 meter away from them for any of this to work.

I’ve had that on Taylor. Go outside of 5m from him and the message pops up “Let Taylor catch up” or “catch up to Taylor”. It’s something like 10-15m that the multiplier cancels. The group when I’ve ridden has never been as big as the juggernaut Coco groups :no_mouth:, though (cool, but big). This isn’t super helpful since Taylor goes really slow up grades, and it becomes a bit of a visual nuisance.


I was losing multiplier with Taylor after 23m on Sunday.

And must agree that he’s not a climber. It was actually quite tricky to stay close. You look away for a few ticks and you’re long ahead.

AFAIK we haven’t made any changes.

I’ve also noticed that the required distance to the pace partner seems variable depending on the ride or which pace partner I choose. Sometimes I can go close to 30m before seeing the warning, other times half that. It seems to be consistent within a given ride.

It’s entirely based on group size.


Just been having a chat internally about having a set “area” around the RP/PP of 30m in front and 30m behind. I’ll update when I have timescales.

See too many comments from those riding in small groups having a less positive experience because of the smaller area around the PP.


I enjoy riding in the hide the display mode and ignoring the drops multiplier. Less distraction and more fun

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Just confirming that’s meters and not minutes, right? :smiley:

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Also, serious question–is there a grace period time when you’re out of the zone but can still get back in? It’s been hard to figure out because it being based on group size, but it’s felt to me like I get a ‘let the pacer catch up’ warning at a certain distance, and if I maintain that distance (not increase it), I’m dropped.

Or is it ‘once you cross that distance you’re out immediately’?

Really :joy:

It is in metres.

You’re out until you get back in.


Sad thing is; it really depends on when you’re riding.

It isn’t uncommon for my ride times here in the US where Coco has maybe 10 whole people around, while all the slower (or sometimes even faster) bots seem to have all a larger group.

Anyways, good to hear there will be a hard-coded buffer around the bots; something that’s self-adjusting makes it a pain in the rear to judge.
It was/has been easier to know if I’m getting too far ahead or behind just by judgement on the distance on the HUD.

@James_Zwift If I did have any extra recommendations; it would be fantastic to have the pace partner (or even leaders on group event rides), ALWAYS visible on the HUD on the nearby riders stack on the right; so you can see your time “distance” from them at any given moment; along with better tabs on their power.
No idea if that’s too out of context for this thread; but being able to see a pace partner or leaders’ placement from myself without having to judge from the minimap (if one even can), would be a great quality of life addition.


Yep, we know we need to do some more work on the findability and ability to change between them - I think we’re looking at spring for the next batch of feature improvements