Road riding using a mtb

Im looking to invest in the zwift hub for fitness and maybe a few races in time. Can anyone tell me whether my MTB would be adequate to use for road riding / racing. I have a 9 speed cassette and a 3 ring crankset at the front. Would that be adequate? or would I find it difficult to keep up if i enrolled in races. Apologies if these are silly questions but im a newbie to all this.

I’ve been using my 3 chainring (26-38-48?) x 9-speed (12-36) Voodoo Marasa hybrid on my Saris H3 bought around Easter '22. Works fine for me, but I’m definitely not a gifted sprinter.

Thanks Steve. To be honest I doubt ill be a gifted sprinter either but I live in hope :-). Is there a way to easily identify how many teeth a chainring and cassette have?

no silly questions, either count them or it’s usually written on them somewhere.

I’d say for racing having drop bars to sprint is an advantage but don’t see any reason why the mtb would not work.

Seeing as you have the mtb already i would start with that and see how you get on.

If you do decide you want a road bike probably worth picking up something cheap second hand to leave on the trainer. the only additional expense beyond the bike would be the extra cassette or if you never plan on using outdoors could take the cassette off the back wheel for the trainer.

I use my 2012 Marin Palisades Trail

The only thing I’ve done was to change the stock cassette with an 11-26 to provide smaller ‘steps’ between gears (kept the stock 22-32-44 chainring)

You can see the number of teeth printed on each chainring and cog… They are very tiny on the cassette so I found taking a picture and zooming in the easiest for aging eyes

Works for me

Brilliant thanks for the help. I will have a look