Right speed Taxc Flow

I can see that my speed isn’t correct after I have been on the bike for a while. It seems that the speed just go on without me doing anything. I have a Taxc Flow and it probably isn’t good enough to show the right speed or what could the problem be?

Tyre pressure and tension of the tyre vs the roller are both very important for wheel-on trainers.

Speed mainly depends on power
With 0W if u are in a climb, bike stop fast, if u are in a descent your are not going to stop, it’s freewheeling

Yes, it`s very important and I have that in mind. I also do calibration now and then but the problem remains.

Ignore the speed for now, are the watts correct?

You don`t say :blush:. But this happens even on the flats. The problem appears more when I have been cycling in a pace and then only make, say, 50 W. Sometimes I can go in 40-50 km/h for a minute with 50 W

Same power on tacx flow counter and zwift ?

Speed in game directly related with power in game.
Maybe sometimes you have 50w on trainer but 150w in game ?