Riding with AIs and others?

(Alan Hamilton - MRC) #1

I have seen mention of AI riders, but I can’t see how to enable them. I have also tried riding with others by picking them from the list that shows up when I start the app. But I never seen any other bodies out there. Am I missing a link to a user manual?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Alan,

If the AI riders aren’t present that just means we need to give our AI server a swift kick to get it back up and running.

As for other riders, I have two questions:

  1. When you click on their name to ride with them, are they just not there?
  2. When you’re just in the game, do you see their name showing up in the upper right-hand corner of the screen?

(Alan Hamilton - MRC) #3

Hi Eric,

I see them in the list when I start the app, but they do not appear as virtual riders anywhere on the course, and my name is the only one in the upper right corner.

(Alan Hamilton - MRC) #4

Eric, I went on last night and successfully rode with others for a while, but then - poof! - they all disappeared. Got out and back in and saw them in the list, but when I joined one of them I ended up solo again. Still no AI presence either.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #5

Okay, I’ll pass this along to see what might be happening.

Is your internet rock-solid while riding? Just curious to see if that might be the cause.

(Alan Hamilton - MRC) #6

I’ve never had Internet issues. I have Comcast’s highest speed residential connection to the outside world. And my avatar and the virtual world in which it lives are all happy as far as I can tell. No visible hiccups or glitches.

(Alan Hamilton - MRC) #7

Hi Eric,

Not being able to ride with others seems to be a theme for me. I have done it successfully only once. This morning I attempted to ride with a couple of guys and was never able to see them when I entered the app. I got out and back in 6-7 times and never saw them on the road. I tried a few different approaches. A few times I let the app highlight one of the riders automatically, then started the app, other times I picked one of the guys from the list and then started. Nothing seemed to work. But the app worked fine while I was soloing. I did 2 laps on my own with no glitches or hiccups.

(Alan Hamilton - MRC) #8

Eric, I failed again tonight to join the party. I got on and saw a screen full of other riders but after 4 attempts to ride with them I gave up. Is there something I can do that will help you debug this problem? Log files I can send? Is it worth uninstalling and re-installing? After riding with a couple of others once I saw the immense potential for your app because of the social and competitive aspects of riding with others, but now I feel like I’ve been dropped and have to solo all the way home. :frowning:

(Mat D.[X]) #9

Same issue here

(Rob Stassen) #10

Also the same problem here. internet connection is fine also

(Lisa Picard) #11

Same issue for me.  Internet is strong.

Seem to be riding solo even when I orchestrate with friends.