Riding record is not saved

It will not be saved from October 13th. Has anyone experienced the same symptoms? I checked the program version and companion version, but it is not saved. To reinstall the program, I deleted the remaining residues such as the registry folder. Still can’t save.
I want to send Zwift mail, but only the AI chat window is open.
A week has already passed. I record with a Garmin 830.
Fortunately, no data was lost, but it needs to be addressed.
Please help me.

Hi @_Team_CNJ_Rock_Hwang, welcome to the forums.

Is this your profile?

Looks like a ride saved on October 18th?

Yes that’s right. I tested it on October 18th and thought it would be saved.
I thought the problem was caused by midway changing the wifi line on save. Or I thought it was because the signal was weak. But the signal was fine. Here is the Garmin data uploaded to Strava. There are also activities where I took a picture and uploaded it because I thought there would be a problem with the storage.