Riding NY in Watopia

For some reason I had to ride stages 2&3 of Tour of NY in Watopia. I signed up for the event and when I joined 10 min before the start i wasn’t “transported” to NY but stayed in Watopia. The message board at the start told me that it was the Tour of NY but then the course was in Watopia. We were about 5 or 6 people there but it said already 280 had joined. I logged off and in again but i came back to Watopia. Can please tell me what to do? Thanks

Hey Jurg, the 2PM and 3PM PDT Tour of New York Stage 3 events had an error, however all times after that were fixed. From our end it shows that you entered the 10PM event where they should have been no error.
Do you know if your prefs (preferences) file was edited at all prior to this event? That may have contributed to the error.

Hey Vincent,
Thank you for your message. Yes, I do edit my preferences from time to time. However, this didn’t have an impact for stage 1. Furthermore, my preference was set for Innsbruck where I did the last ride before the NY stages, that’s why I’m even more confused why I ended up in Watopia. Again, thanks for looking into this. Looking forward to ride stage 4 in NY tonight :slight_smile:

I have had the same problem. I’ve tried to do a NYC event for two days in a row, and each time, I’m dumped into Watopia instead of NYC. The leaderboard says the correct event name (e.g., EVR Americas Race), but no one else is in the virtual world with me, even though the leaderboard says “+14 more in group”. When the event was over, I was placed among the riders in the event on the final leaderboard, but I’m not sure how–I didn’t do the same course they did!

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I was able to solve the problem and rode stage 4 in NY

What did you do to solve the error? I am having the exact same problem - all 4 stages have been in watopia and not New York

Jurg, how did you fix this problem? What is this preference file referred to in a previous post? I noticed that Watopia is the only place that appears on the calendar in the opening screen–no London, no Richmond, no NY. Is this something I can change somewhere?

Dear all, I seemed to have fixed this problem by re-downloading the entire Zwift app and reinstalling. The Zwift support staff never got back to me, and the online chat feature told me no one was available to help. Not great customer support.

You can change the place where you want to ride by changing the prefs.xml file. Have a look here: How to ride any Zwift course at any time using the <world> tag hack | Zwift Insider
I only do this on my laptop because phone or ipad changes are to complicated. The number for NY is 4 (that’s how I was able to ride stage 4 in NY). Somehow it seems that Zwift don’t want people to know this hack (maybe because it causes problems) but i find it a bit annoying that there is no “official” and easy option to choose between the different worlds. Hope it works for you too!

Happened to me yesterday on stage 4 at 6 pm CDT.

Just happened to me, too, but without event. I took the FTP-Test. Today Ny is in schedule, but I was in Watopia.

Sorry to hear we didn’t get to you in a reasonable amount of time Robert! Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have an issue or you can make a topic in these forums. I see that we did end up getting back to you so I’m glad you ended up resolving your issue!

@Art_Hess @_paulinaki Have you all manually edited your prefs file in some way?

@Vincent: In fact, I had been using the world tag before, but I deleted it for this ride. By the way, the same happened again on Wednesday… NY was scheduled. Restarting the computer did not help, but adding the world tag did.
I do not know, whether this happens only when NY is scheduled or with London/Innsbruck, too. But I will check this…

Obviously not a New York problem. It also happened, when London was scheduled.
Maybe I messed something up in my prefs?

Hey @_paulinaki have you encountered this since the latest update? If you’re able to find out we’d love to hear back!

@Vincent: Yes. On Monday, when London was scheduled, I landed in Watopia. I had the update just before and I even restarted my computer.

See what happen when you mess with the Preff file. :roll_eyes:

Make sure to delete the edited prefs file and revert back to the original one.

I think you could just delete the pref’s file and Zwift will make a brand new one for you, but make a copy before you delete it.

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