Riding At Constant Power

(Christopher Bailey) #1

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for reading. I think Zwift is really awesome. I love it. It has taken training indoors to the next level for me. Please note that I use a (rented) smart trainer (computrainer) which I calibrate before each ride.

Tonight I just wanted to ride around the streets of Richmond at a constant power output. I wasn’t exactly sure on how to do this, but I figured workout mode using the 90 minute free ride option would be the best way to go about it.

I rolled through the start line and was going fine. I thought the resistance was changing a bit on the first 8.5 km, but the first 8.5 kms are more or less flat, so it was hard to tell. Once I hit the hills I noticed a big jump in resistance. I’m not sure if that was a glitch (I submitted a ticket), but I was wondering… what is the best way to ride without having to deal with inclines/declines. Is it:

a) In workout mode, using the ERG in a, for example, 90 minute free ride, or

b) In free ride mode, with the trainer difficulty set at off

Thanks so much for the help and I apologize if I’m put this in the wrong topic.


(A Stewart) #2

ERG mode if you want to ride at a set wattage.

(Y ohans) #3

There is a FB post in Zwift Riders about someone using ERG mode on the handlebar controller and Zwift still running from the CT. The CT connection is disconnected to enable ERG but somehow Zwift still runs ok.

I do not understand how this works but didn’t get a clear enough explanation.


Option b. Above works just fine for me.

(Steve C) #4

You can also do a workout freeride with ERG mode turned off (works with my Bkool trainer anyway). It still doesn’t alter resistance due to slope - but you get to the desired power using gears and cadence. It’s pretty much like riding on the constant flat with no wind - the system just drops your virtual speed appropriately when you get to a hill in the simulation.

(Michael Henasey) #5

With my KICKR, I can take over control of the trainer using the Wahoo app, even when Zwift is also controlling the trainer.

Zwift puts the KICKR in Sim mode and controls resistance using the Slope variable. Open the Wahoo app while running Zwift and you will see the Slope value change in real-time as Zwift modifies it according to the gradient in-game.

If you switch to any other mode, e.g. ERG mode, you can then take control of the KICKRs resistance. Go back to Sim mode and Zwift takes over.

I do this all the time. When I want to take the hills out of the picture.

As an added bonus, you can control the Wind Speed value in Sim mode and that way you can add (or take away) some resistance while Zwift is controlling the trainer but you need a little more (or less). This is good for the flats or slight gradients in-game. Don’t try to negate the resistance of a hill using Wind Speed.


(Duane Gran [Vision]) #6

Ideally when it is possible to create workouts you could create an erg based workout that has a set constant power for a 90 minute duration.

(Christopher Bailey) #7

I’m looking forward to the day when we can create our own workouts. Or the day when they release a track environment.

Thanks for the comments everyone. Looking forward to using the mobile app when I get an iPhone. Until then, I think I may give option (b) a shot or workout mode with ERG disabled (didn’t think of that one.)

Ride on!