Rides sporadically not uploading to dashboard or third party sites

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Hey Zwifters,

We have received multiple reports from users who complete a ride and save and exit, only to find that the ride hasn’t uploaded to their dashboard (or any third party sites) and ZC shows the activity as “Still Zwifting”. Our team is currently working on reproducing this issue and getting it resolved. Thank you for your patience!


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Hello. I’m having a similar issue but without the “Still Zwifting” status. Twice I’ve done running workouts in the Zwift 101 training plan that I’ve had to do twice (which obviously screws up following a training plan). I complete the entire workout and save and exit back to log-in screen and for whatever reason I do not get credit for it. Today I completed the third workout of the plan which is 3.0 miles, and it completed in the app and I even ran an additional .12 miles to make it a full 5K, I got the summary report which was accurate (completed 3.0 mile workout) and I saved and exited. In ZC it says I ran 2.4 miles (total, where it came up with 2.4 I have no idea as it didn’t even match the in app summary) and there is no credit given to it being part of the training plan, and it’s still asking me to complete that third workout next in my plan as if I never did it. Any idea what’s going or if this is a common bug? If it helps, my other workouts uploaded to Garmin fine but this one didn’t even upload the incorrect 2.4 mile workout that it thinks I did.


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I had this happen to me last night – ZC is currently still showing me as Still Zwifting with a ride length of 3 h 40 m although my ride ended about 19 hours ago.


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today my ride sync’ed to Strava but it failed to sync to Garmin.

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back to normal this morning, Garmin and Strava sync’d


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This happens for both me and my wife. We don’t get the Still Zwifting problem but rides sync to Strava but intermittently fail to sync to Garmin.

For what it’s worth, if you manually download the ride from Zwift in .FIT format and try to upload it to Garmin, the Garmin Connect website says that there’s a problem with the .FIT file. However, if you download the GPX from Strava and upload it, it works with Garmin Connect. So it would seem that the intermittent Garmin upload problem is due to a problem with Zwift’s formatting or implementation of the .FIT format.