Riders seem to be hitting the afterburners

The past two rides on the island I have noticed riders just take off at record speeds. In most cases I was drafting a rider or riding close and then during the course of a second or two, the rider sprints ahead and typically out of site. I have watched their power numbers and they did not jump. This is not the no-draft kind of pull away, but a 4 or 5x power increase pull away. It has happened at least 5 times during the past two rides.

I am not sure if this is Mac related as both of the last two rides have been on my MBP. I don’t recall seeing behavior like this previously on the Mac or the PC tests.

I noticed that last night on my MBP on the down hill sections, the first part it shows I am going like over 50 mph and usually that would take the bottom of the hill and not at the upper part. It might be a game, logic error.

Had a similar experience on my first ride today. Also using Mac, not sure why that is.