Riders ride straight off road on curve and disappear

At the curved before hitting the base of the col, I saw 2 riders in front of me heading into the curve but instead of taking the curve, they both road straight off their line and off the road for a bit before disappearing. The riders were not AIs but couldn’t see their names. I thought they may pop up in front of me but they never did.


From the Zwift guys have said previously, strange behavior like this is usually caused by real riders that are riding with a really low frame rate, typically due to substandard computer hardware, driver problems, etc.

It’s definitely known.

Hi Mike,

This could be indicative of those riders having slow computers, but most likely your internet connection dropped for a second and Zwift stopped receiving data for them.

When that happens, they just go straight as the game still considers them “in the world.” But with no data, there’s no “steering.”