Riders Circle Bug - Richmond Rollercoaster

I noticed this bug last year and it looks like there is no report about it.
Every Lap on the same place the riders are doing 1 short circle… @shooj can you flag this with your team to look into it. It’s annoying when you do more than 1 Lap of that course.

I have never seen this happen before and I’ve run a few events on that route.

Would be interested to see if anyone (outside of this specific event) has seen this happening before raising with the wider team.

I think I’ve seen it every time I do that route, certainly a lot but been a while since doing that course and i don’t think there are any other routes that go that direction.

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Thanks all, will flag.

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Seen this many times (Windows 10), including within the last month or so. Always assumed it’s some recalculation point.