Rider with ZRVG for all results

Looking through results of a race I did this evening I saw a rider that had ZRVG next to their result in Zwiftpower. I had never seen that before, and Google tells me it is some sort of ZADA violation. Past results show the same code for each race and i also see some DQ and Weight codes next to past results. So it seems something screwy is going on with their setup and results.

Google also tells me when you get a ZRVG disqualification you are suspended from Zwiftpower. However this person can keep entering and impacting races, but their resukts just don’t count? Doesn’t really matter I guess overall, just don’t understand how it appears Zwift is aware this person is cheatjng, but doesn’t stop them from entering races. Do I have this wrong or anyone know more about this code?

ZRVG is a rider with a ban. It doesn’t stop them entering events, but automatically disqualifies them.

I don’t know the specifics - but in the vast majority of cases it is not intentional, and we wouldn’t want to stop people from exercising just because they have (for example) a badly configured trainer.

I’m also pretty certain that this conversation is only going to go one direction, so I’m going to close the thread, but you’re welcome to contact me directly if you wish to do so.

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