Rider Spinning Uncontrollably

Hey Zwift, I really was enjoying the Laurens Ten Dam group ride tonight and was on the front of the front group for 51min and then my rider started spinning in a 3 meter circle, and wouldn’t stop, so I had to abandon the ride and close Zwift, and obviously after that I was done for the night. Not sure why it happened, but really was looking forward to the last lap with Laurens.

Sorry about that Samuel. A few others have reported that behavior over the last 10 days or so and we’re actively investigating the issue and coming up with a hopeful fix.  It is rare, but today was your unlucky day.   Thanks for letting us know - we saw you having issues during the ride and the guys looking into the fix felt bad for you.



Thanks for responding, glad to know you guys are working on it and that you saw it, should make finding a fix easier. Other than that great ride tonight!! Thanks for putting it on!